Nifty and sensex calculated on the basis of zecij131539418

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Nifty and sensex calculated on the basis of.

Sensex is calculated using share prices of 30 major companies which are listed in BSE If the Sensex goes up it means that share values of most of the major companies have gone up , vice versa NIFTY Nifty indicates NSE; it is the leading index for large companies in the National Stock Exchange of India

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The value of the Sensex on a daily basis has been calculated by taking into the account of the market capitalization of How Sensex is Calculated on a Daily Basis. Apr 04, 2007 sensex is an index calculated on the basis of WPI wholesale price index) and nifty hmmm i hav no idea so for more info log onto.

The major difference between Nifty and Sensex is that 50 companies are indexed in Nifty while 30 companies Calculated on the basis of weighted average market. SENSEX The SENSEX or SENSitve indEX) was introduced by the Bombay stock exchange on January 1 1986 It is one of the prominent stock market.

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Calculation of SENSEX and NIFTY Sensex calculation is practiced since 1986 Initially it had been calculated using total market capitalization method but the methodology.

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