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2012年1月27日 私は ファイルを新規で作ってそれの最終行をnoeolにできるでしょ とは主張してない ですよ。 既存のファイル noeol eol関係なく をVimで開いて編集しまくって 保存する 直前になってから set binary noeolすればええやん って言ってます 39 binary 39; を on にして保存すると 39 fileformat 39 の値が無視されるため fileformat dos の. Unix editors like vi , the file most certainly was not created by a standard UNIX editor This unusual situation is brought to your., vim will always put newlinesn at the end of every line especially including the last line If there is no end of line eol on the last line, then it is an unusual situation It means that vim detected that the file did not match the charset given by your locale , made a conversion If you run the commandset from within vimset Options autoindent fileformat dos scroll 7 textwidth 70 background dark filetype asciidoc shiftwidth 2 ttyfast cscopetag helplang en. Preserve noeolmissing trailing eol) when saving order to do this we need to temporarily 39 set binary 39; for the duration of file writing, for DOS line endings, add the CRs manually For Mac line endings, also must join everything to one line since it doesn 39 t use a LF character anywhere , , 39 binary 39; writes.

Vim set binary noeol.

In short, doset binary noeol if you want it to stayEOL free However h 39 binary 39; has a lot to say about the perils ofset binary so., Vim doesn 39 t add anew line other editors interpretwrongly) its newline" as anew line But you can get around that issue by doing the following before you write your file

2017年4月11日 vim set binary noeol これを実行してから保存するRuby echone 39 ABC nDEF n 39 ruby0777ne 39 print chomp 39 こちらのページを参考にさせていただきました。 本当はsedなど のLinuxのコマンドでやりたかったが.

2 Jan 2005 You can turn off the 39 eol 39; option , readhelp 39 endofline 39 help 39 binary 39 helpHow do I configure Vim to open a file at the last edited location Vim stores the cursor position of., turn on the 39 binary 39; option to write a file without the EOL at the end of the file set binaryset noeolw For more information
If you don 39 t encounter arbitrary encodingsi e either all ASCII , you approach should work just fine Vim wasn 39 t meant to edit such files the Unix standpoint is they are incomplete therefore it 39 s hard to do., the encoding matching your Vim 39 s , aren 39 t bothered by theM in files with Window file endings

The simplest way is to use the binary omhelp binary This option should be set before editing a binary file You can also use theb Vim argument When this option is switched on a few options will be changedalso when it already was on 39 textwidth 39; will be set to 0 39 wrapmargin 39; will be set to 0. Vim recognizes three file formatsunix, can prevent scripts from running correctly This tip explains how to, , , are added to each line when a file is written A file format problem can displayM characters, dos, mac) that determine what line ending charactersline terminators) are removed from each line when a file is read
Last set fromusr/local/share/vim/vim60/ftplugin/c.

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